Reality Check: President Trump’s claims on overdose deaths, unemployment, undocumented immigrant assault true or mostly true

President Donald Trump made a lot of claims on the success of his policies in the Badger State at a campaign rally in Milwaukee Tuesday night, most true – or mostly true – according to Reality Check.


Claim: “In Wisconsin, the unemployment rate has reached its lowest level in history.”

Reality Check rating: true


In April of 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics had Wisconsin’s unemployment rate as 2.8 percent – a record low.

Current data shows it’s gone up a little to 3.3 percent.


Claim: “In 2018 drug overdose deaths fell for the first time in decades including by 10 percent in the state of Wisconsin.”

Reality Check rating: true


Technically, the rate fell between 9.1 and 9.9 percent, depending on if one counts all drug overdose deaths or just those from opioids.

Still, it’s quite close to the claim of 10 percent, so it rates as true.

The caveat here is– he’s claiming credit for these successes, Reality Check can’t say there’s nothing else involved in these steps forward.


Claim: “In the city of Madison, police arrested an illegal alien for sexual assault. After authorities released him, he committed violent battery, only to be released one more time. They’re looking for him again, isn’t that nice? So then the same illegal alien was then arrested for a third time in September and charged with multiple sexual assaults, including sexual assault of a child.”

Reality Check rating: mostly true


Luis Ruiz-Ugalde, was arrested in September on seven counts, including charges of sexual assault of a child and attempted sexual assault of a child.

He also had previous charges of battery.

However his first charge that Trump claims is incorrect. He was originally booked into the Dane County Jail for criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct – which he pleaded guilty to.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office told Reality Check Immigration and Customs Enforcement asked for a hold on Ruiz-Ugalde when he was booked for battery, which the sheriff’s office did not comply with.

Sheriff Dave Mahoney has a policy that they won’t hold someone after they would typically be allowed to leave – as in after they post bail.

That’s regardless of any ICE requests.

“The policy at the Dane County Jail states that in order for us to hold an inmate for ICE, ICE must provide us with a court order from a Federal Judge, granting us the authority to honor the hold,” Mahoney wrote in a statement. “If the documentation is not received, we will not hold someone past their court ordered release date.”

He said he does tell ice when that release date is.

Reality Check couldn’t confirm with the trump campaign that this is the person they are talking about, but with most aspects of this case matching what the president claimed, we rule this mostly true.

Ruiz-Ugalde is currently being held in the Dane County Jail.


Claim: Median household income has gone up $10,000 during Trump’s first term.

Reality Check rating: false

Median household income has gone up about $1,400 dollars according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


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