Read Up Madison – What you accomplished

School supplies and an apple
iStock / Liliboas

We celebrated the success of this year’s Read Up Madison campaign that, thanks to your generosity, we blew by our rather daunting $100,000 goal to expand the Madison School District’s summer reading program and stop the summer slide in reading skills for low income kids.

All of the partners, the Wisconsin State Journal, MSCR, Madison Public Library, United Way and others have been blown away by your response to our campaign.

Your giving was so extraordinary, over $112,000, the Read Up program will expand not just to the six sites and thousand kids we hoped it would, but also to the Nuestro Mundo and Falk elementary sites that include Allis and Huegal schools with five new books for each of those kids. That’s a huge jump in Read Up’s reach and a huge boost for the academic success of a lot of kids.

So please let us say one more time: Thank you.