Reach Dane partners with Roman Candle pizzeria to feed low-income families

Roman Candle Feeds 422 Low-income Reach Dane Families over Three Days
Photo credit: Paul Iannacchino

MADISON, WIS. — Reach Dane celebrated their end of the year program Friday by partnering with Roman Candle to feed children and families across Dane County.

According to a news release, Roman Candle Pizzeria’s cares initiative provided 422 families with pizzas and garden salads to celebrate Reach Dane’s 2019 through 2020 program year.

Officials said 23 staff members from the organization delivered the pizzas straight to families’ doorstep.

“We are so proud to have been able to help feed over 400 families! Head Start is an amazing program and we’re honored to be part of the celebration,” said Brewer Stouffer, Founder and Owner Roman Candle Pizzeria. My staff rallied to make more pizza than we’ve ever made in a 2-hour stretch– and at 2 locations! My managers worked overtime this week to make it happen, and many of our staff came in on their days off to help. Thanks to our devoted supportive team!”

For more information about how to donate, visit Reach Dane’s website.