Raw milk debate reignited in Legislature

Raw milk debate reignited in Legislature with bipartisan bill to legalize sales
Raw milk debate reignited in Legislature

Proponents of legalizing the sales of raw milk in Wisconsin are trying to convince the Legislature to loosen restrictions in “America’s Dairyland.”

Raw milk supporters packed a hearing Wednesday before a state Senate committee, with many of them wearing hats that said “Milk Freedom.”

Opponents from the state’s dairy industry and medical community formed a coalition to fight the measure, saying it’s a threat to public health and Wisconsin’s $26 billion dairy industry.

Ron Buholzer, president of Klondike Cheese in Monroe, says legalizing raw milk puts the reputation of Wisconsin’s entire dairy industry at stake.

Bill sponsor Sen. Glenn Grothman says just like eating sushi or a medium rare hamburger, drinking raw milk poses little risk and is actually healthier and better tasting before it’s pasteurized.