Rapid testing increases at select MMSD schools

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Metropolitan School District can now test more students and staff for COVID-19 faster. The district is opening rapid testing kiosks outside of certain schools.

Ten out of 14 kiosks were open as of Monday, with the remaining set to open by the end of this week. MMSD officials are trying to strategically position the sites so they can service more than one school, said district spokesperson Tim LeMonds.

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Inside the white tents, students will receive two nasal swabs. The rapid test result will come back in 15 minutes. An antigen test will take 24-48 to confirm a negative test. The sites are run by COVID Clinic and funded by federal emergency funding.

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School nurses have been administering COVID tests.

“This has been a really tough job for school nurses. COVID has totally changed our job. This is one step that makes our job a little bit easier so we can get back to the normal everyday school nursing job that we love to do,” says Solvei Adams a school nurse at Hawthorne and Emerson elementary schools.

MMSD is in the process of hiring more nurses. Four of them will focus on contact tracing.