Tonight at 10: Looking behind the data of sexual assaults in Wisconsin, how victims get left behind

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View of victim dubbed "Jessica's" hands

More than 5,000 people in Wisconsin reported being sexually assaulted in 2018, according to data from law enforcement across the state.

As victims look for justice in the current system, many run into blocks that prevent them from ever getting closure to their assault.

Police departments and sheriff’s offices that handle the cases often have to take on dozens at a time, and even with upgrades to technology in DNA testing, there are limitations there, too.

Players and advocates in the system say there is something we can do to help, though, and that starts with a conversation.

“I think we really need to be talking about trauma,” said Ismael Ozanne, the Dane County district attorney. “We need to talk about the impacts of trauma on memory, on recollection. We need to talk about why it is that we may not want to believe a victim.”

Tonight on News 3 Now at 10, Amy Reid shares the story of one victim who is going through the system now and waiting on justice.

Join us as we dive into the data behind the thousands of sexual assaults in Wisconsin and find what’s going right, and what we still need to work on.