Questions remain about Monroe AD’s resignation, check to district

What you need to know: Tuesday
Dave Hirsbrunner

Questions remain in Monroe about why the school district’s athletic director resigned this week and cut a check to the district.

Dave Hirsbrunner was placed on administrative leave by the district Nov. 6, and his resignation was accepted by the school board Monday night.

As part of the resignation, Hirsbrunner gave the board of education a check for more than $6,000, but officials would not say why the check was given.

A separation agreement released to News 3 Monday said that Hirsbrunner was placed on leave “while the district reviewed certain performance issues related to the supervision of athletic program revenues.”

The agreement between Hirsbrunner and the board states that, “The board believes it must report the circumstances underlying this agreement to the district attorney,” and said Hirsbrunner and the board agreed they will contact the DA together within 10 days.

That’s leaving many in Monroe with questions about what happened, including coaches who worked with Hirsbrunner.

“This is the only way to put it, ‘It’s weird,” said Josh Smith, head coach of the Monroe Avalanche hockey team. “When something just gets closed up and no one is talking it definitely, I can understand why people are frustrated because part of me is too.”

Smith said he was not told whether any revenues from the hockey team were involved in the internal investigation.

The school district’s attorney said they have reached out to the Green County District Attorney’s Office to discuss the situation. The DA’s office said they met with district officials Monday but were not told exactly what the issue was.

The agreement also states that neither party will publicly discuss “the confidential personnel matter underlying (the agreement’s) execution.”

Monroe’s police chief and the Green County Sheriff’s Department both said there is no criminal investigation into Hirsbrunner at this time.

Hirsbrunner’s wife, Cory, is the school district administrator for Monroe.

This is the second time Hirsbrunner has faced scrutiny. Last year, police cited him for leaving the scene of an early-morning crash outside New Glarus. They found his car between bales of hay at a nearby gas station.