Put Climate Change On The Table

No longer any doubt about its validity.
Put Climate Change On The Table




A couple of members of the Citizens Climate Lobby and a UW professor of Atmospheric Sciences met with our editorial board this week and simply added to the growing number of voices calling for serious discussion of global climate change and what can be done to keep things from getting worse.

First, the bad news: things are getting worse. The data is irrefutable, and the science is as well. The good news is consensus on this has reached the point where denying it defies reason. Those that do aren’t taken seriously anymore. So, why aren’t our elected officials, our so-called leaders, willing to talk about it to say nothing of do something about it?

That may be changing too. This week both conservative and liberal think tanks considered new carbon tax proposals. Business groups and national security experts are joining in. It will soon be politically unwise for elected officials to continue to ignore reality. We hope.