Pushing the envelope on climate change

Obama move unfortunately necessary
Pushing the envelope on climate change

We wish we could feel better about President Obama’s soon-to-be-introduced, tough, new air quality standards.

Heaven knows we need more action on climate change than we are getting. But the executive authority he is now forced to use is due in part to his failure to push for changes he himself has known we’ve needed for five years now.

Some states are looking to undermine the new policies without even knowing what they are. And Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce trots out the usual accusations of job killing and rate rising when in fact this is a golden opportunity for an energy innovation sector job creating bonanza if we could for once put common sense above politics.

We can’t be definitive about our position on the new rules until we know what they are and hear from reasonable experts like MG&E’s Gary Wolter who we trust. But we are where we are because of a refusal by too many to deal with climate change responsibly, especially in Congress.

We see scant evidence of that changing now, which is why the executive order was necessary in the first place.