‘Push it where you can’: As more snow hits Madison, crews are running out of places to put it

MADISON, Wis. — As another snowfall makes its way towards southern Wisconsin Sunday evening, Madison’s streets department says it’s prepared to keep roads clear.

However, the issue they’re running into this year is where to put the snow they’re clearing.

Headed into the weekend, there measured roughly 13” of snow in the ground in Madison. Madison Streets Division spokesperson Bryan Johnson said in some cases, crews are running out of places to put it.

It’s difficult for our plowing,” Johnson said. “We’re running out of places to move the snow to. Whenever it’s stacked up that high, it’s hard to get the stuff out of the road effectively, because there’s nowhere to push the snow at that point.”

Johnson said areas like culdesacs tend to pose the most problems. In some cases, snow is picked up and transported to a designated drop site.

Sometimes you’ll see vision hazards develop and other sort of problem spots where you can’t see around things,” Johnson said. “There’s no other options except to bucket the snow up. We haul it, and then there’s a couple of sites where we’re able to dump the snow. It probably sits there until June because it takes forever for it to melt.”

Johnson said with temperatures rising, crews will be able to effectively use salt on the roads once again.

With a early-week warming in temperatures, he said the Streets Division’s main focus will become plowing melting snow from neighborhood streets.