Public Health Madison and Dane County vaccinates way through Alliant Energy Center waitlist

MADISON, Wis.– Public Health Madison and Dane County said vaccination invitations will be much faster to get in the coming weeks.

“I think we’re at the point here in the next week or two that anybody that wants an appointment at the Alliant Energy Center will be able to get an appointment at the Alliant Energy Center,” Chief of Operations Doug Voegeli said.

It’s all thanks to an extra couple thousand of doses from the state each week. Voegeli said they’re almost done vaccinating a backlog of people.

“I really believe we’ll be able to meet our vaccine demand,” Voegeli said.

Other vaccinators in Dane County can’t say the same right now.

“We are still seeing a mismatch between the supply and demand for the COVID vaccine with the demand outpacing the supply,” Vice President of Pharmacy Services at SSM Health Mo Kharbat said.

Kharbat said there’s a low hesitancy rate in Dane County, meaning most of the eligible population is signing up as soon as they can. However, the number of allocated doses isn’t reflected in that.

“This demand and the high vaccination rate results in perhaps a reduction in the allocation that the county gets because the state tries to send more vaccines to counties and communities where the vaccination rate tends to be lower,” Kharbat said.

So, could events like walk-in clinics change that? Kharbat said they’re convenient, but they aren’t the perfect solution.

“You don’t want to leave other behind who simply can’t wait in line,” Kharbat said.

Public Health Madison and Dane County will continue to require appointments.

“So people aren’t waiting for three or four hours like they used to with testing,” Voegeli said.

The process to get an invitation to make an appointment, however, will move much faster.

“We’re at the point where, if you’re on the that list, you’re going to be getting an invite very soon,” Voegeli said.

To sign up for an appointment visit the Wisconsin DHS website or click here.