Protestors take to Milwaukee streets in Tony Robinson’s name

Protestors take to Milwaukee streets in Tony Robinson’s name
Maria Hamilton

Protestors took to the streets in Milwaukee Wednesday night in Tony Robinson’s name, demanding the federal government investigate after the district attorney’s decision to clear officer Matt Kenny in Robinson’s shooting death.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said Tuesday that he felt Kenny’s actions were justified and charges weren’t warranted.

The cries of “Justice for Tony Robinson” filled Milwaukee streets as the group of about 60 protestors gathered at Red Arrow Park.

The location is a significant beginning for Maria Hamilton, a mom that has now bonded with Robinson’s mom, Andrea Irwin.

“I was broken they didn’t get the justice they deserved in Tony’s killing,” Hamilton said.

The place where Hamilton joined a solidarity circle for Robinson is also the place where her son, Dontre Hamilton, died last year.

Like Kenny, the officer who shot and killed Dontre was also cleared of any criminal charges.

“It’s really hard to say how I feel because I’m still hurting and I’m still grieving,” Hamilton said.

But the pain Maria Hamilton knows has forever bonded her to Irwin. On the day Ozanne announced his decision not to indict Kenny, Hamilton was holding Irwin’s hand.

“I tried to keep her spiritually connected when she’s hurting and in pain like that,” Hamilton said. “That’s a close bond I have with her when I’m in her space.”

Those at the Milwaukee rally said they disagree with Ozanne’s decision.

“Just as a mother, they couldn’t shot him one time and left him there,” Cynthia Greenwood said.

And while Hamilton continues to ask those same questions, in a small way she said knowing Irwin has saved her.

“To actually help Andrea in her time of need is repairing me,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said she is hopeful the federal government will review the Robinson case.

Milwaukee’s Coalition for Justice said their rally Wednesday night was not just about marching in honor of Tony Robinson, but was to protest what is, in their view, the state of police brutality and the killing of unarmed black men and women across the country.