Call for Action: Protecting your money from contractor scams

The Outlanders are thankful they called for action and they're hoping this advice will help others avoid a similar mess.

MADISON, Wis. — “Be careful who you hire, make sure you check them out really really well,” homeowner Donna Outlander says.

Kevin and Donna Outland say this critical step is something they wish they did before hiring Eco View Madison for their home improvements.

The Outlands hired Eco View to side their house with new doors, gutters and gutter protection.

“These people were listed as Triple-A on Better Business (Bureau), I don’t know how they got that.”

A job that usually only takes six to eight weeks for them turned into months.

“We had to call them, he would leave messages and (they would) never call back or they would say we’re gonna be there Thursday and never show up,” said Donna Outland.

Donna says the company left equipment everywhere, took extended lunch breaks and didn’t return phone calls. Worst of all, the work they did was well below acceptable.

“The job was terrible, the windows all had hammer marks in the corners,” Donna said.

Finally, Donna and Kevin had enough and Called for Action.

“Someone from there called me in like a day or two. I don’t know what she said to them, but she lit a fire under them,” Donna said.

Call for Action volunteers got a hold of the contracting company’s owners, who came out to the Outlands right away.

“He came out with his wife and filmed the whole house and said this is not right. It’s like what do you think we have been saying for the past year,” Donna said.

The Outlanders are thankful they Called for Action and they’re hoping this advice will help others avoid a similar mess.