Prosecutors chip away at story Chandler Halderson told parents, expose fake e-mails

MADISON, Wis. — Prosecutors continued to chip away at the story Chandler Halderson told his parents about his work and college classes Wednesday morning, tracing fake e-mail addresses back to Chandler himself.

Using account records provided by Google, investigators said they were able to confirm several Gmail addresses for people claiming to be representatives from Madison College were actually created from the same IP address as the Halderson family home’s WiFi. Some of the birthdays used to register the account were the same as Chandler Halderson’s birthday.

The accounts began sending e-mails to Chandler Halderson’s personal e-mail account the same day they were created, according to Google’s records, and spoke about setting up appointments with advisors and various scheduling delays to talk about Halderson’s status at the college.

Several of the e-mails, sent from accounts belonging to the names Alyssa Brant, Aaron Hoover and Daniel Spieth, included grammatical errors, misspellings, and poor formatting. Another e-mail chain with Tom Sellsnick, allegedly a human resources official with American Family Insurance, misspelled “human resources” as “human recourses” in the e-mail signature.

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The e-mails with the alleged Madison College officials went on for months, with Bart Halderson himself eventually sending an e-mail expressing frustration with the process, saying the constant delays and meetings were costing them money, as well as problems with financial aid and insurance for Chandler.

The last e-mail from any of those accounts was sent on June 29, just a couple days before Bart and Krista Halderson were allegedly killed. The Director of Employee Relations at Madison College testified that no employees use Gmail accounts to conduct official business, and people named Alyssa Brant, Aaron Hoover and Daniel Spieth never worked at Madison College. A person from American Family Insurance’s employee relations department also confirmed that nobody named Tom Sellsnick ever worked there.

Chandler Halderson’s college transcripts

A copy of Chandler Halderson’s unofficial transcript at Madison College was entered into evidence, showing he did register for classes starting in the spring of 2018, but withdrew from several classes in subsequent semesters and did not attend any classes during the spring or summer of 2021, when he was allegedly e-mailing with school officials and claiming he was a full-time student.

Madison College’s records show Halderson was never a full-time student there, as he was considered a part-time student even when he was regularly taking classes in 2018.

Halderson’s transcript showed he completed some classes in the spring of 2018, before signing up for three classes and finishing two in the summer of 2018. In the fall of 2018, Halderson registered for three classes, but only completed one. In the spring of 2019, he registered for four classes, only finishing one and withdrawing from the other three.

In the fall of 2019, he enrolled in eight classes, but received zero credits after failing five courses and withdrawing from the other three. He didn’t return to Madison College until the following fall in 2020, when he enrolled in seven classes, failed two, and withdrew from the other five.

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Call to Madison College

Prosecutors claimed during opening statements at the beginning of the trial that Bart Halderson, frustrated with the lack of resolution with Madison College, eventually called the college himself, posing as Chandler. Prosecutors played that recorded call Wednesday morning as the person who received that call and recorded it per the college’s policy was on the witness stand.

In the call, the representative from Madison College was asked about how to acquire transcripts and copies of certificates that had been completed but not received. The person said that Chandler’s account had an outstanding balance of thousands of dollars that needed to be paid before the transcripts could be accessed. When looking through Chandler Halderson’s records at Madison College, the representative also said he found no record of Chandler completing any certifications or being enrolled in an IT program, as Chandler had claimed to his parents.

The person at Madison College also said that nobody named Alyssa Brant or Daniel Spieth was in the Madison College directory, meaning they did not work there.

“That should do it, then, thank you,” the person believed to be Bart said before ending the call.

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