Proposed jail would have 100 fewer beds

Proposed jail would have 100 fewer beds

Revamping the Dane County Jail has been discussed for years. The latest plan calls for a consolidation of the two current facilities, resulting in 100 fewer beds.

In just a little under a week, the County Board of Supervisors will vote on the $76 million plan for a new jail, which officials said is half the cost of the previous proposal.

The plan for closing the current jails housed in the City County Building and Ferris Center, and creating a new and smaller facility in the Public Safety Building.

Dane County Board Chair Sharon Corrigan said she isn’t worried about overcrowding because the county is trying to put more resources into diversion programs.

“In fact, in the 2018 budget, there are funds for re-entry to make sure when people are getting out of jail making sure they are ready to be successful in the community,” Corrigan said.

The county board will vote on the plan on Nov. 20.