Proposed changes to Wisconsin voting laws likely to move forward, GOP leaders say

Assembly to take up bill that would limit recounts

Republican leaders in the Wisconsin legislature say a set of bills that would tighten voter laws and make absentee ballot voting more difficult in Wisconsin needs further review, but represents legislative priorities for the GOP going forward.

First reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the package of bills circulating in the Assembly from Sen. Duey Stroebel would restrict who can vote using absentee ballots, more narrowly define legal requirements for indefinitely confined voting, and require photo I.D.s every time a voter casts an absentee ballot. Currently, indefinitely confined voters are not required to file a photo I.D., although most do.

“We were not consulted on the bills that Senator Stroebel put out, I certainly believe that some of them have good ideas in them, some of them have problems,” Rep. Vos said in a press conference Tuesday. “But we’re going to go through a very thorough vetting process.”

Senate majority leader Devin LeMahieu said Tuesday that he hadn’t reviewed the bills in full, but believed they included good ideas that he was interested in moving forward in the Senate.

“We’ll have a lot of close elections, so we need to make sure that our election laws are really clear,” he told News 3 Now. “It’ll be up to the governor to decide if he’s going to sign those bills or not.”

State and federal courts have turned down every lawsuit brought by the Trump campaign alleging election fraud in the 2020 election. No evidence has been found of widespread voter fraud in Wisconsin’s election, despite claims pushed by Trump and party leaders that allege otherwise.

Should the bills pass the legislature, Gov. Tony Evers is unlikely to sign them into law. Late last year, he indicated he wasn’t interested in signing a bill that would narrow the definition of indefinitely confined voting in Wisconsin.