Proposal would keep Alliant Energy Center Coliseum standing

Hotels, restaurants could be added to center
Proposal would keep Alliant Energy Center Coliseum standing

Dane County Board members heard a proposal from a consultant Friday afternoon to upgrade the Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center instead of tearing it down.

The plan calls for the building to be upgraded and expanded, and also calls for the addition of hotels and restaurants on the center’s campus.

“It would be such a calling card to get people excited again and renewed interest and faith in the campus and the county and everybody that’s involved in it,” Rob Hunden, the president of real estate development firm Hunden Strategic Partners, said.

Renovations of the current building would cost around $105 million, while redeveloping the entire campus could cost between $400 million and $500 million, though some of that would be privately funded, according to the plan.

County Board Chair Sharon Corrigan said the plan could also include a “restaurant road” with space for four to six privately-run restaurants.

The plan is expected to be formally presented to the county’s Public Works and Transportation and Personnel and Finance committees during the summer, when a decision on if the plan proceeds is expected, Corrigan said.