Program teaches Green Co. students about dangers of intoxicated, distracted driving

MONROE, Wis. — SSM Health and Green County officials held an event Wednesday to warn teenagers about the consequences of drug use, underage drinking and distracted driving.

The Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth Program, held Wednesday morning at Monroe High School, featured multiple reenactments ranging from the scene of a car crash to an emergency room and a courtroom. A county judge and coroner were among those who took part to explain to students from across Green County as well as northern Illinois the consequences of their decisions.

“I think kids aren’t really aware that these are choices they’re making,” EMS trauma coordinator Mary Tessendorf said. “You make the choice to drink and drive, you make the choice to use drugs and get into a car, but they don’t foresee the potential of what can happen under those circumstances. We’re trying to get kids to be a little bit more aware of their actions and how they impact not only themselves but their families and their friends.”

The PARTY Program began in Canada and has since expanded to multiple countries across the world, including the United States. In addition to the program in Monroe, Wisconsin has another program in Neenah operated by ThedaCare.