Pro-life group advocates Girl Scout cookie boycott

Cookies will go on sale Saturday
Pro-life group advocates Girl Scout cookie boycott

Pro-life Wisconsin has asked people to boycott Girl Scout cookies because the national Girl Scouts organization partners with Planned Parenthood.

Regional Girl Scout spokeswoman Christy Gibbs said that cookie revenue goes directly to the troops and stays within the regional council, and it does not go to the national organization.

Last year, the Girl Scouts sold 1.4 million boxes of cookies, which brought $5.3 million into the program in revenue.

“It supports a Girl Scout, a girl who is setting a goal to pay her way to camp this summer,” Gibbs said. “It supports a Girl Scout troop setting goals for what they want to do.”

Gibbs said the Badgerland Girl Scout Council does not take a position on issues of abortion, birth control or human sexuality.

“They have held up groups, individuals and resources that are pro-abortion in nature, that are advocating so called full range of reproductive right,” State Director for Pro-Life Wisconsin Peggy Hamill said. “Red flags have gone up with the Girl Scouts for as long as I can remember, I would say at least 20 to 25 years.”

Hamill said they hope the boycott will not traumatize the girls but will make the world a better place. She stressed that their argument is with the organization and not the girls in the program.

Cookie-cott is a concept that first started with a pro-life group in Waco, Texas, that has spread on social media.

The cookies go on sale Saturday.