Principal decides to stop giving ‘birthday spankings’

Principal decides to stop giving ‘birthday spankings’
KTVT, Photo of teacher from school website via CNN

Bridget Williams is the principal at Alvord Elementary School in Texas. When she came to the school eight years ago, she started a “birthday spankings” tradition, KTVT-TV reports.

Parents recently complained about the tradition, and in a statement from the school district, “The campus principal decided on her own account to discontinue the tradition.”

Williams explained in the letter that students are called to her office on her birthday and given an option of a spanking, hug or high five. She wrote, “In eight years at Alvord Elementary I’ve only had five or less students request something other than a birthday swat.”

One parent contacted the Dallas TV station and called the spankings “inappropriate.”

KTVT talked to parents at the school who didn’t agree.

“I think it’s a fun tradition,” Lana Simmons told KTVT. “My kids love it. They always look forward to it.”

“They’re not used to a small-town community,” Heather Redder said. “And that’s what we are. People that move here from the big city, they don’t realize (that) and they’re not used to this.”