Karofsky, Kelly emerge from Wisconsin Supreme Court primary

Tiffany takes 7th race

MADISON, Wis. — Dane County Circuit Judge Jill Karofsky and incumbent Justice Dan Kelly have emerged from a three-way state Supreme Court primary.

Karofsky and Kelly easily outran Marquette University law professor Ed Fallone in a race that advanced the top two finishers to the April 7 general election. The winner will get a 10-year term on the high court.

Karofsky, perceived as the liberal candidate, targeted her opponent in her celebration speech Tuesday night, saying she wants to stop corruption on the court.

“We need all hands on deck in order to win this race,” she said. “The incumbent and his big money special interest machine are gonna throw so much mud at me, you’re not gonna recognize me seven weeks from tonight.”

Kelly is perceived as the conservative candidate, and he and Karofsky have both accused the other of knowing how they’ll rule before entering the courtroom.

Kelly celebrated among supporters in Milwaukee on Primary Election night, and he thanked his “bosses,” the people of Wisconsin, in his speech.

“I’ve done my best to be a faithful servant to them, and this evening I can’t event tell you how thankful I am to how great these bosses are,” he said.

The conservative-leaning Kelly will go into that contest at a disadvantage.

The election falls on the same day as Wisconsin’s presidential primary and heavy Democratic turnout is expected.

*Wisconsin Supreme Court

Nonpartisan primary for Wisconsin Supreme Court

  • Daniel Kelly *WinnerO 50.1%
  • Jill Karofsky WinnerO 37.3%
  • Ed Fallone  O 12.6%
* Incumbent
86.2% precincts reporting
Last updated:

Tiffany takes 7th race

Elsewhere, Republican Tom Tiffany beat veteran Jason Church in a primary for the 7th District congressional seat vacated by Sean Duffy. Tiffany will face Democrat Tricia Zunker in a May 12 special election to complete Duffy’s term.

Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District Republican

  • Tom Tiffany WinnerR 53.7%
  • Jason Church  R 46.3%
84.6% precincts reporting
Last updated:

Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District Democrat

  • Tricia Zunker WinnerD 89.0%
  • Lawrence Dale  D 11.0%
38.9% precincts reporting
Last updated: