President Trump extends federal funding for Wisconsin National Guard, funding to drop in coming weeks

Alliant Testing Center

MADISON, Wis. — Days before federal funding was going to run out, President Donald Trump has extended federal bankrolling of the state’s National Guard testing mission.

After worries of the nearing end date on Aug. 7, Trump announced in a publicly available memo full federal funding for Guard missions in most states will continue until Aug. 21. After that date, most states are expected to pay 25% of the cost and the Federal Emergency Management Agency will take the other 75%.

“We’re relieved that the president gave the go ahead to continue with the mission,” said Joe Parisi, the Dane County executive. “But we are somewhat concerned that it is only funded at 75% because wherever those other dollars come from are going to be competing with other needs in the state and in our communities.”

That price tag for the state after Aug. 21 is about $4 million, according to Gov. Tony Evers.

“That was a disappointment because that’s approximately what we would pay if we used the state authority,” he said during the press briefing with the state’s Department of Health Services.

Evers said he intends to use money from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security, or CARES, Act to foot the bill.