Preparing To Vote

Review rules and poll locations now.
Preparing To Vote




Take some time, Monday if not Sunday night, to get yourselves ready to vote on Tuesday. If you still need information on the candidates there are plenty of on-line sites including the top line on is also a good site. Channel3000 also has an easy link to the state Government Accountability Board’s voter information page. The League of Women Voters site is great for this as well. They’re worth a visit, because while you will once again NOT have to show an ID to vote on Tuesday, there are rules you need to be aware of, like signing a poll book when you show up to vote, or that might affect where you vote. So get ready now. Remember too, you vote race by race this time, no straight party tickets.

The League of Women Voters will also have observers in polls around the state, and lawyers available to handle any problems. If you have a problem, stay cool and look for an observer to help. We’re anticipating a smooth election. A little advance preparation will help make it that way.