Prep Team of the Month: Lancaster wrestling

Prep Team of the Month: Lancaster wrestling

The Lancaster wrestling team has been selected as the Prep Mania Team of the Month.

When people think about Lancaster athletics, they often think about the football program. But the wrestling team is ranked No. 1 in the state for Division 3.

The team returns six wrestlers who qualified for the individual 2012 state tournament.

“Every day, everyone comes in and works hard. You never see anyone slacking and no one complains. You just come in and do your job,” said Trenton Cornell, a Lancaster junior on the wrestling team.

Lancaster senior Cody Glass added, “Coach preaches how if you are in better shape than them, we will teach you technique and we will beat them.”

The goal is to get to the team state tournament in March.

“We want to show the top potential we have, and the rankings don’t mean anything until the end of the season,” said Connor Flynn, a Lancaster senior.