Pregnant fire victim loses unborn baby

Argyle fire victims' family members speak, start fund
Pregnant fire victim loses unborn baby
Sharon Wand

The mother of three boys who died in an Argyle house Friday has lost her unborn child, according to the woman’s aunts.

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The women told WISC-TV that Sharon Wand, 27, was about four months pregnant and remains in critical condition at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison.

Wand, her husband and their 2-year-old daughter escaped the fire alive. Their three sons, Allen Wand, 7, Jeffery Wand, 5, and Joseph Wand, 3, died in the fire.

Authorities said Wand’s husband, Armin Wand III, of Argyle, is facing a tentative charge of arson of a building with intent to defraud.

Armin Wand’s brother, 18-year-old Jeremy Wand, also of Argyle, faces the same felony charge.

One of Sharon Wand’s aunts, Lessa Bobak, said Sharon Wand was the one who got her 2-year-old daughter out of the burning home.


Bobak said Sharon Wand has second- and third-degree burns on 65 percent of her body and her lungs suffered serious damage, and she is on multiple machines and medications to help her survive as what Bobak called a “last-ditch effort.”

Doctors said they believe she has a 1 to 10 percent chance of living.

Bobak said she’s not giving up hope, but she doesn’t want to see her niece live in pain.

“They’ve done everything they can do. The parents just aren’t ready to say they’re done,” Bobak said.

Another aunt, Liz Berestoff, said she heard from family members about threats Armin Wand allegedly made to Sharon. Berestoff said she believes they had been together for eight or nine years but didn’t know much else about their relationship.

“If he did do it, I hope he gets what he gets out of it,” Berestoff said.

“To think that somebody that you loved and trusted could be the one to actually, possibly, be responsible for this, it’s just not something that you can even wrap your mind around and comprehend that,” Bobak added.

At this point, investigators are not releasing any updates on the case, including a possible motive. Formal charges have not been filed, but authorities have 72 hours from when the two men were arrested to do so.

According to court documents, Sharon Wand’s parents filed a restraining order against Armin Wand in 2003, alleging child abuse against their daughter, who was 17 at the time. Court documents said Armin Wand violated that restraining order several times that year.

“It’s really hard to take in and to realize how it happened and why it happened,” Berestoff said.

The aunts said their niece would do anything for her children.

“What I can tell you about Sharon is that she loved her kids. She loved her boys,” Bobak said.

Bobak said the family’s life insurance policy lapsed, so they’re trying to raise money for the family to cover funeral expenses and to support 2-year-old Jessica Wand.

A fund has been set up to assist the family. Donations can be sent to:

Wand Children Benefit Fund
Talmer Bank and Trust
101 7 1/2 St.
Monroe, WI 53566