Pre-packaged Army meals used in student cook-off

Military members tasted and judged the meals
Pre-packaged Army meals used in student cook-off

Students in Craig High School’s Culinary Arts course competed in a cook-off against each other Tuesday using the U.S. Army staple, Meals Ready to Eat.

The students split into cooking groups and had 30 minutes to use the MREs as the base of a dish and use other ingredients to enhance the finished product.

“It was amazing,” Sgt. Jordan Whitlow said. “I’ve been in the Army almost 10 years now, and I’ve had hundreds of MREs. And the way they were able to change the flavor profile and really bring out and completely change the whole texture, everything about it, it was just amazing.”

The group that won had a vegetarian MRE and spiced it up enough to grab the judges’ attention.

“It was really fun,” junior Mercedes Wald said. “I felt honored. I mean, they came in here to taste our food and then we won. I thought it was really fun.”

This was the first time the culinary class held a competition like this, and the teacher said she’d like to make it a fun tradition.Pre-packaged Army meals used in student cook-off