Praying for peace: Madison churches come together for special service as Ukrainian invasion continues

MADISON, Wis. — Several churches in Madison with ties to the local Ukrainian community gathered Monday evening to pray for peace in eastern Europe as Russia’s invasion of its neighbor continues.

Roughly 100 people took part in the demonstration, the latest show of support for Ukraine from Madisonians.

Father Chris Margellos with the Greek Orthodox Church, who helped organize Monday’s prayer gathering, said holding a special service to pray for those enduring the crisis in Ukraine was the best thing to do.

“It’s the very least thing we can do,” he said. “I mean, there is not much else we can do besides raise some money and help out monetarily but to be able to do this on service and say we are going to offer a prayer.”

The prevailing message was one of togetherness and solidarity.

“Unity is that one thing. It doesn’t matter that people don’t get along, they can come together in prayer,” Margellos said.

“I mean this is a world issue and hopefully the prayers will be answered,” attendee Patty Cameron said.

While the invasion continues on, Margellos said it’s important to remember there’s a difference between Russian president Vladimir Putin and everyday citizens.

“It is important that people remember that Putin does not speak for all Russians. In fact, I wonder and believe he speaks for a very small minority of them,” Margellos said.

If you are interested in donating to this cause, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA and other International Orthodox Christian Charities are accepting donations towards humanitarian aid in Ukraine.