Prairie du Sac commission approved controversial tower

Prairie du Sac commission approved controversial tower
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Residents and officials met in Prairie du Sac Monday night to discuss a new cellphone tower that’s raising concerns.

The village’s planning commission approved the proposal from the school board to erect a 150-foot tower just outside Sauk Prairie High School.

Residents came to listen to experts and ask questions before the commission approved the tower.

The city attorney said state and federal law overrules local laws, meaning the residents don’t have a reason to prevent the tower from going up.

One resident said he thinks the decision could lead to a harmful trend.

“The school board has already allowed it by entering a contract with a commercial vendor, this being Verizon. So why shouldn’t we enter into any number of contracts?” said Dennis Virta, a resident who is against the cell tower.

The tower is expected to bring almost $15,000 to the school district and it could be up and running as early as this fall.