Pour wine like a pro

No more new vs. old world confusion
Pour wine like a pro
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What grows together tastes good together. Wine from one region tastes best with food from the same region. Italian wines are happiest with Italian food.

When you’re ordering wine with dessert, the wine should be sweeter than the food.

Old World wines come from countries such as France, Spain and Germany and tend to have more earthiness, and sometimes more acidity, making them food friendly.

New World wines are from grapes grown in places including America, South America and New Zealand, and they tend to be more fruit forward (when a wine has dominant sweet fruit flavors).

Try these white wines when you see them and say the names with confidence.

Txokoli (CHAH-koh-lee), from the Basque region of Spain

Assyrtiko (A-SEER-tee-ko), a dry white from Greece

Viognier (vee-ohn-YAY), a full-bodied white wine from France