Potential suspects identified in Ochsner Park Zoo break-in, female owl still missing

BARABOO, Wis. —  Two weeks after four animals were let loose in a break-in at the Ochsner Park Zoo, police said they have identified people who may be responsible.

Speaking to News 3 Now on Monday, Baraboo Police Chief Rob Sinden said that his department’s investigation into the incident is proceeding well and several potential suspects have been identified, though no arrests have been made.

Sinden could not give many details about the potential suspects, in order to protect the integrity of the investigation, but said that they were not affiliated with any environmentalist group. Earlier this month he said that the break-in was not done for financial gain, but to set the animals free.

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Two river otters and two great-horned owls were let loose after someone broke into the zoo and cut the locks off of their habitats. The otters, named Mitch and Moe, were later found by kayakers and were returned safely to the zoo. One of the owls, a male named Jerry, was also found.

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A female owl, Linda, is still missing, though Sinden said that zoo staff are very hopeful that she will return. Multiple great-horned owl sightings have been reported near the zoo, though it is hard to tell if any of the reported birds are Linda because she has no distinguishing marks or tags.

Anyone who sees an owl that may be Linda should call the Baraboo Police Department’s non-emergency line at 608-356-4895.