Pot robbery leads to ‘chaotic foot chase,’ 2 arrested, PD says

3rd person not yet caught as of Thursday afternoon
Pot robbery leads to ‘chaotic foot chase,’ 2 arrested, PD says

Two people face charges and a third person is still on the loose after what police said was a pot robbery followed by a chaotic foot chase Wednesday afternoon in downtown Madison.

Madison police said 17-year-old Jabari B. Lee drove downtown at about 1:30 p.m. to meet with 20-year-old Stephen J. Steele and another man to sell them marijuana.

According to the report, Steele and the other man got in the car on the premise of buying pot, but instead battered Lee and stole the pot.

Police said Lee pulled a knife and chased the two men.

The chase continued on Mendota Court and Steele tried to hitch a ride on a garbage truck, according to the report. He leaped onto the driver’s side door and yelled at the driver, “Go! Go! He’s got a knife!” The driver told police Steele tried to climb into his cab. Lee, who was wielding the knife, came running at the truck. The garbage truck driver said he nearly ran Lee over. Lee also jumped on the truck.

The truck driver ordered both men off the truck, and the two resumed the chase, headed toward the Pyle Center. When police arrived, passersby were holding both men down. Many watched as the pursuit came close to the Red Gym and the Memorial Union.

Police said the second robbery suspect has not yet been caught.