Possible wolf captured in Janesville

Possible wolf captured in Janesville
Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin Facebook page

An animal described as a wolf, a dog or a hybrid of the two has been captured in the Janesville area.

A Facebook post from the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin in Janesville said the animal was spotted numerous times in recent months, mostly in the Janesville area, but as far north as Milton and as far south as Boone County, Illinois.

The animal has been named London after Jack London, the author of “Call of the Wild.” He is believed to be a little over a year old.

London was recently contained with help from community members and taken to a shelter for evaluation.

“While he does certainly look like a wolf in many ways, we think he’s a wolf-dog hybrid or possibly even just a dog that looks a lot like a wolf,” the humane society said in the Facebook post. “We’re doing a DNA test to confirm. In the meantime, we’ve determined that, while London is not aggressive toward people at all, he is certainly unsocialized.”

The humane society said it’s unlikely that London can be socialized to the point of being someone’s pet. It’s working on identifying a wolf-dog hybrid sanctuary.