Positive percentage of new COVID-19 tests slightly drops as more than 500 new cases confirmed

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This scanning electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2 (yellow)—also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes COVID-19—isolated from a patient in the U.S., emerging from the surface of cells (blue/pink) cultured in the lab.

MADISON, Wis. — As the amount of tests conducted in Wisconsin exceeds 12,000 for a second straight day, the positive percentage of new COVID-19 tests continues to see a gradual decline.

Out of the 12,608 people tested in the past 24 hours, 4.3% of tests came back positive. That’s a slight drop from Tuesday’s 4.7%. With 76 active labs in the state, up to 18,434 tests can be conducted daily.

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State and county health officials confirmed 520 new cases Wednesday, down from 606 the previous day. Wisconsin’s lifetime total of confirmed cases has reached 29,274. Two more people have died, putting the state’s death toll at 789.

Health officials said 79% of positive cases have made full recoveries, while 18% of cases remain active. There are over 2,600 hospital beds and 900 ventilators still available throughout the state for new patients.

DHS said over 30 counties continue to have a high activity level of COVID-19, including Dane County. In an effort to stop the spread of new coronavirus cases, Dane County has issued a new order that limits mass gatherings as well as bar and restaurant activity. Starting at 8 a.m. Thursday, indoor gatherings will be limited to 10 people or fewer, while outdoor gatherings will be limited to 25 people or fewer.

“For the past week, Dane County has seen a sustained, high number of cases,” said Janel Heinrich, Director of Public Health Madison & Dane County. “After consultation with our contact tracing team, gatherings and visits to bars and restaurants continue to be implicated in interviews with cases.”

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