Popular Potations: Cocktails by the numbers

These popular cocktails are sold in the thousands
Popular Potations: Cocktails by the numbers
Left: Profligate Potation from Graft Right: The Regret from Merchant

If you’re assessing popular cocktails by the numbers, Merchant bar manager Thor Messer and Graft bar manager Scott Anderson have the stats down pat.

Their barkeeps sling nearly 10,000 of Merchant’s most popular cocktail: The Regret–a gimlet spinoff. The recipe starts with a base of gin or vodka and is combined with lime juice and rosemary syrup.

The most popular cocktail that Anderson mixes at Graft is the Profligate Potation, which combines Tito’s vodka infused with lemon zest, Combier pêche de vigne and a balsamic reduction with tart cherry juice and lemon juice. Anderson estimates that Graft bartenders mix 100 to 150 Profligate Potations per week.

“It’s more tart than it is sweet, and it’s a savory type of cocktail,” Anderson says. “The drink is dark in color, so it is one of those weird drinks that has clear spirits but is a dark cocktail.”

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