Popular Pom

or the past few years, pomegranate’s been the cool new ingredient on the cocktail block. Thanks to its bright-red color and tangy-sweet taste, the fruit has made its way into all sorts of bartender concoctions.

One of the most inventive uses is in the Pom Pear Cream Martini at the The Brass Ring. Bar manager Jefferson Clark says the drink joined the bar and billiard hall’s cocktail menu last summer as a modification of the slightly more traditional pear martini—to give it a sharper taste and pinker hue.

Yet those who order the martini learn that the pomegranate doesn’t overpower the drink’s other flavors. Pear is easily detected and a splash of cream makes the cocktail substantial without feeling heavy.

Clark says the Pom is quickly joining the ranks of the three-year-old bar’s most in-demand mixed drinks. “It’s one of our more popular martinis,” he says.

Some patrons prefer the cocktail sans cream or without the pear vodka, Clark says. And pomegranate lovers also enjoy the Pom Margarita and the Pom Bomb – a caffeinated combination of Red Bull energy drink and a shot of Pama liquor.

Pour into a six-ounce chilled martini glass the combination of:

1 1/2 oz Van Gogh Pomegranate vodka1 1/2 oz Pama Pomegranate liquor 1 oz Absolut Pear vodka 1 oz white grape juice1 creamer

Recipe courtesy of The Brass Ring,701 E. Washington Ave., 256-9359, thebrassringmadison.com