Popular hotel will not be expanding

Popular hotel will not be expanding

The Madison Planning Commission on Monday denied HotelRED’s proposal for expansion.

The popular boutique hotel across from Camp Randall Stadium hoped it could expand from four floors to eight. The owners asked the planning commission to allow them to add 57 rooms for a total of 105 to accommodate the high demand for visitors coming to town for Badgers football.

Jason Ilstrup, HotelRED’s general manager, said the hotel is a community asset that allows space for various community meetings. He also explained how the hotel contributes to the economic vitality of the neighborhood, bringing guests to the Monroe Street shopping areas.

But residents were concerned with the proposed height increase.

“I see a tiny bit of the corner of HotelRED right where the sun would be setting in the summertime,” Mary Diamond, who lives near the hotel, said. “I’m looking and gauging what I would be seeing if that would be up four stories. It would be looming.”

Other residents said increasing the height of the hotel would not fit the aesthetic of the Monroe Street neighborhood. One speaker said the commission should be cautious about making the area look like State Street and Johnson Street, where tall apartment complexes have recently been built.

The planning commission did not approve the expansion.