Pop-Star Treatment

ed carpets may not appear in Madison much and the paparazzi might not be staked outside your home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little celebrity behavior every now and then.

One way to do that is by drinking the Pop Star Martini, a new signature cocktail at the recently expanded Bluephies on Monroe Street.

It’s a pretty, red, fruit-tinged martini, but the wow factor lies in the garnish: Pop Rocks candy lining the rim of the glass.

Melanie Horzuesky, general manager and co-proprieter at Bluephies, helped invent the drink, along with a handful of others that employ candy as special ingredients.

The Pop Rocks really do crackle and pop in drinkers’ mouths—something they may not expect and that Horzuesky finds entertaining to witness.

“It’s definitely fun to watch people’s reactions when they take that first drink,” she says.

But the tables turn when patrons can watch the bartenders step on pieces of candy that have fallen on the floor. It sounds like they’re setting off tiny fireworks.

In all, the drink makes for a night of fun. But whether it helps land you on a celeb gossip website is up to you.


1 1/2 oz X-Rated Vodka1 1/2 oz Pama pomegranate liqueur 1 oz Ketel One vodka1 oz Mathilde raspberry liqueur 

Mix ingredients in a shaker. Pour into a martini glass rimmed with Pop Rocks candy.

Recipe courtesy of Bluephies, 2701 Monroe St., 231-3663, bluephies.com.