Pollinator task force recommends less mowing, pesticide ban

App monitors hives to keep bees alive through winter

A task force has recommended [PDF] bringing more plants and meadows that are healthy to pollinators to the city of Madison.

The Pollinator Protection Task Force worked for about a year on recommendations to keep the city’s pollinator population healthy. It issued 30 recommendations to promote pollinator habitats, including examining planting lists to ensure pollinator-friendly species, changes to mowing frequency in certain areas and the creation of demonstration projects to educate the public on the issue.

The recommendations call for identifying city lands where mowing can be reduced or eliminated, and suggests numerous ideas for public education and partnerships with community groups. The task force also wants a ban on the use of pesticides known as neonicotinoids on all city-owned property.

If the recommendations are accepted by the common council, the Madison Food Policy Council will oversee implementation of the recommendations.

The formation of the task force was in response to a pollinator decline throughout the country that could be a threat to agriculture.