Poll workers taking extra precautions Tuesday

Vote sign

MADISON, Wis. – Polls opened across Wisconsin Tuesday morning, and it was certainly a different sight than what we’ve seen for prior elections.

We found some people waiting by the door at the Madison Municipal Building to get in right away before any big crowds.

Extra precautions were taken to keep people safe, like the staggering of voting booths for social-distancing standards.

But for volunteers like Marybeth McGinnis, who has helped out at the polls many times before, she found herself questioning the decision this year. She was wearing a shield to protect her face.

“For this time around, I had a hard time deciding whether or not I wanted to a poll worker,” McGinnis said. “I think this is pretty dangerous for myself and others, but the reality is most of our poll workers are older and I think it’s important for younger people to donate their time.”

Marybeth says she was thankful to at least be stationed outside, and felt like the city was trying its best to keep poll workers safe.