Poll finds parents more comfortable with return to in-person classes than general population

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MADISON, Wis. — Your opinion on whether kids should return to school in-person may depend on where you live and whether you have kids, according to the latest Marquette Law School poll.

A total of 801 people were polled from August 4th through the 9th. Among the questions were those dealing with a return to school in the fall.

Overall, the poll found 48% of people said they were uncomfortable with the idea of kids returning to in-person classes in the fall, compared to 45% who were comfortable.

However, among those with school-aged children, 53% of parents polled said they were comfortable, while 45% said they were uncomortable.

The poll found a significant number of people who were uncomfortable with a return to in-person instruction were in the state’s largest cities, where class sizes and school populations are higher.

A total of 68% of poll respondents living in Milwaukee said they were uncomfortable with students returning in-person, compared to just 27% who were comfortable. A similar trend was seen among those living in Madison (56% uncomfortable, 36% comfortable) and Green Bay/Appleton (52% uncomfortable, 41% comfortable). When excluding the state’s largest metro areas, 53% of respondents said they were comfortable with in-person classes.

The poll also found wide support for masks being worn in public, with 69% agreeing they should be worn in all public places, while only 29% disagreed.

The margin of error for the poll was +/- 3.9%, with the sample being made up of 45% Republicans, 45% Democrats and 9% independents.

You can find the full poll results here.