Police: Woman walks in on couple having sex in library bathroom

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A Pewaukee man faces a disorderly conduct charge after a woman walked in on him and his girlfriend having sex in a bathroom at the Waukesha Public Library last month, officials said.

On March 3, a Waukesha police officer received an email from the Waukesha Public Library building and operations supervisor that said two people were caught having sex in the public bathroom on March 2 around 5:15 p.m., according to a criminal complaint.

A witness told the officer she saw two people sitting naked on a toilet having sex in the public family bathroom, officials said.

The library’s security officer told police he knocked on the bathroom door and heard what sounded like people getting dressed, according to the release.

When the two people, Julie Dahms and Daniel Goralski, 29, came out of the bathroom, the security guard confronted them, officials said. They said they had locked the door, but thought the lock must have malfunctioned.

Dahms later admitted to being at the library with her boyfriend when they got excited because they hadn’t seen each other in a couple days, according to the release. She said they thought they locked the door, but apparently they had not because a woman walked in on them.

Dahms did not have any prior arrest, so she was cited municipally.

Goralski faces disorderly conducted charges as a repeat offender. If convicted, he faces a $1,000 fine, 90 days in prison or both.