Police: Woman falsifies police impersonator story

Woman arrested on charges of obstructing
Police: Woman falsifies police impersonator story

The Janesville Police Department investigated a report of a police impersonator before learning the report was a false one.

According to a release, Miranda M. Rivers, 23, of Janesville, reported to police that she was pulled over in the area of Main and Racine streets at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday by a person driving what she thought was a police car. She told police she was ordered out of her car at gunpoint, told to lay across the hood of her vehicle, and then her vehicle was searched.

Rivers told officials nothing was taken from her other than some medication that had been in the truck. She reported not being injured.

Rivers said the impersonator pulled her over because she matched the description of a female who had just robbed a gas station, according to the release.

Officials said an investigation revealed the claim was not true because video evidence determined the incident could not have occurred as reported.

Rivers was arrested on charges of obstructing.