Police: Woman drives away from crash on flat tire

Police: Woman drives away from crash on flat tire

A Madison woman faces her fourth drunken driving charge after allegedly driving away from a crash and only stopping because her vehicle would no longer drive, Madison police said.

A former police officer told authorities a red Chevrolet Cavalier crashed into another vehicle at the intersection of Regent and North Park streets around 2:30 p.m. on Dec. 19, according to a release.

The Chevrolet spun around, and the driver attempted to leave south on Park Street, officials said. The former officer followed the vehicle until it had to stop in the 1200 block of Park Street due to a flat tire and structural damage.

Officers contacted the driver, Debora Lichtfeld, 49, of Madison, and they said they could smell a strong order of alcohol, according to the release. Lichtfeld told police that she had consumed nothing except antibiotics.

Lichtfeld also told police she was not involved in the crash on Park Street or an earlier crash on Whitney Way that also reportedly involved a red Cavalier, authorities said. But she did not have an explanation for broken glass that was strewn all over the inside of the vehicle or the flat tire she had been driving on.

After field sobriety tests, Lichtfeld was arrested on a tentative charge of fourth-offense operating while intoxicated. Lichtfeld also faces several citations in connection to both crashes.