Police: Woman asking others for pills in scam

Woman claims to be collecting pills for company
Police: Woman asking others for pills in scam

Madison police issued a warning to residents about a scam where a woman asks for unwanted prescription medications.

A woman who lives on Valley Stream Drive on the city’s west side told police a young woman came to her door and claimed to be from Advanced Pain Management on Schroeder Court. The woman said she was collecting old medication no longer needed by citizens. The victim told the woman she thought people could only drop medications at the police department. The victim told police it appeared the woman was not aware of that system, but said she was conducting a service offered by Advanced Pain Management. 

The victim told police she did not feel comfortable with the woman and did not give her anything. Police confirmed that Advanced Pain Management does not offer this type of service.

The woman is described as a woman in her 20s with long, blonde hair. She has a petite build and wore glasses.

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