Police: With warm weather come opportunistic burglars

Residents should shut, lock windows before leaving homes unoccupied, officials say
Police: With warm weather come opportunistic burglars
Window guards

With warmer weather hitting Madison this week, officials are reminding residents to lock windows to prevent opportunistic burglars from getting into homes.

Madison Police Department officials said windows should be shut and locked if residents are leaving their home unoccupied, because burglars will be looking for homes that have been left by residents with windows open.

Every year MPD officers respond to burglaries that could have been prevented if a window had been shut and locked, according to a release.

Police recommend window guards or stoppers for people who do leave windows open for ventilation and for those who are forgetful.

Window guards are typically available at most hardware and allow sliding windows to be opened only a small amount, depending on where the guard is installed, according to the release.

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