Police urge precaution after several recent Dodge County vehicle thefts

Police lights

DODGE COUNTY, Wis. — Dodge County police urged residents to take extra precaution securing and locking their vehicle doors in a release on Wednesday after several recent thefts in the county’s northeast sector.

Dodge County, primarily in the Lomira area, has seen three motor vehicle thefts since Dec. 5, 2020. Police believe that vehicles that are unlocked with hidden keys or garage door openers inside of them are being targeted, according to the release.

Most vehicle theft and burglary investigations reveal that the victim was targeted because they did not lock their vehicle doors, the release said. Police are urging residents to encourage friends, family and neighbors to lock their doors in order to deter criminals.

Dodge County police are asking anyone who comes across a suspect in a criminal activity to call 911 immediately, and gather any information about the person or vehicle involved if you can do so safely.