Police trying to identify person who kicked officer in head during roller rink brawl

MADISON, Wis. — Madison police are trying to identify a person who kicked a sergeant in the head while officers were responding to a fight at a roller rink on the city’s southwest side late last week.

Officers responded to Fast Forward Skate Center on Nov. 26 around 8:30 p.m. for a report of unsupervised minors causing a disturbance. According to police, an estimated 250 juveniles were at the roller rink at the time; while police were there, a fight broke out inside the rink before spilling out into the parking lot where a large crowd gathered.

Several large fights then broke out within the crowd. Police resorted to using pepper spray to disperse the crowd after some people tried to disrupt an arrest.

Police officials shared a video of the incident in an updated incident report Friday afternoon. In it, one person can be seen jumping onto the hood of an MPD squad car. The video appears to then show an officer tackling that person off of the car. While the officer and other person were on the ground, another person can be seen jumping and kicking the officer.

In the original release, MPD officials said one officer suffered a minor injury during the incident, but did not specify if it was the officer who was seemingly kicked.

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Three teens were arrested or cited for their involvement in the fights. One person who was arrested reportedly tried using a taser-style weapon on another person, but police confiscated it.

In total, 27 officers from five law enforcement agencies responded to break up the fights and disperse the crowd.