Police seize bag of ‘heroin,’ test shows substance is human remains

Police light
freeimages.com/Elvis Santana

A Maine man left his father’s remains in his car and police mistook them for heroin, reports Central Maine.

Kevin Curtis, 57, says he received his father’s ashes recently and the remains were still in his vehicle when he loaned the car to his friend, Jesse Legendre, to go to the grocery store Saturday.

On his way to the store Legendre, 31, lost control of the vehicle, swerving off the road and crashing into a utility pole. Legendre was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving.

During the arrest, police found a white, powdery substance in a plastic bag in the vehicle and assumed the substance was heroin because Legendre appeared to pass out while rummaging through the glove box. Police seized the powder for further investigation.

Test results confirmed Tuesday the substance was human remains.

Curtis says the remains were in his car because he was waiting for an urn to arrive.