Police seek person responsible for starved dog

Rescue shelter says there are options for owners with unwanted pets

Beloit police are searching for the person responsible for letting a dog starve to death.

“That’s an awful thing to do. I mean a dog is a man’s best friend,” a guest at the motel, Sandra Lawery, said.

Man’s best friend left out in the cold. An adult pit bull was left inside of a metal cage and found in a field behind the Del Mae Motel in Beloit.

“That’s an awful thing to do. I mean a dog is a man’s best friend,” said a guest at the motel, Sandra Lawery.

Lawery has been staying at the motel for the last week. While she said she did not see or hear anything suspicious, she is heartbroken that someone would leave a dog to die.

“Animal cruelty is a horrible thing, and especially to leave them in a cage defenseless like that,” Lawery said. “That’s just terrible.”

Police suspect the dog starved to death and had been dead for at least two weeks. Brett Frazeir, executive director of the Rock County Humane Society, said with rescue shelters in the area abandoning an unwanted animal is never the solution.

“If you think dumping an animal is going to lead to some Good Samaritan coming across them and they will have a storybook ending, it doesn’t happen like that,” Frazier said.

Frazier has made it his mission to make sure animals in rock county are not left without a home by accepting all unwanted pets free of charge. He said while animal abandonment is not popular in rock county, it can still happen.

“We rather a pet be here with us then in a bad situation and certainly more than being dumped somewhere, scared, cold and alone,” he said.

Beloit police are asking community members for help to find the person responsible for abandoning the dog. Lawery hopes whoever is responsible will be held accountable.

“There should be strict laws for people that are so cruel to animals … you know they have feelings too,” she said.