Police search for missing 21-year-old Madison man

Wise disappeared on Wednesday
Police search for missing 21-year-old Madison man

Madison police said they’re searching for a 21-year-old man who disappeared on Wednesday.

The man, Daniel J. Wise, of Madison, was last seen leaving his home on North Bedford Street between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Wednesday, dressed for his job at Capital Centre Foods. His employer said Wise didn’t show up for work that day, police said.

Instead, Wise may have gone to an Associated Bank ATM to withdraw $300 before going missing, worrying family and friends. The Associated Bank ATM on State Street in downtown Madison may be the last place Wise was seen.

Family and friends on Thursday put up fliers around the State Street area.

“It’s not Dan. There’s something wrong. It’s not something he would just take off and do,” said Doug Wise, his father.

“Maybe there’s something else going on, and we just didn’t know about it. Maybe he is suppressing something, or maybe something happened,” said his mother, Donna Wise. “We just don’t know. And if he took the money, half of me would say he took it to help somebody else. Dan is just a great kid.”

Friends said disappearing like this is very uncharacteristic of Wise.

“But where are you going to go with $300 when you have plans to work and see your friends? It’s not Dan. It’s not Dan at all,” said Alex Kowalsky, a friend and neighbor of Wise.


Police are canvassing the area and contacting people who might have information about his whereabouts. Police said all area hospitals and medical facilities have been contacted.

“At this particular point, there is nothing that leads us in that direction to believe that he is in danger or any type of foul play has been at course here,” said Howard Payne, public information officer at the Madison Police Department. “We’re hopeful that someone will have heard the stories that have gone out and will let us know where he might be.”

Brian Martin, who is Wise’s roommate, has known him since kindergarten.

“We just need some kind of confirmation that he’s safe, he’s not hurt or anything like that. That would be really comforting,” Martin said. “It was good to see the police were trying to do everything they could to try to find him. It made you feel a little better, but they couldn’t come up with anything.”

Wise’s parents said they simply don’t know what could have happened.

“He’s not in any gangs, not doing hard drugs; none of us think that for an instant,” Donna Wise said. “It’s just (that) something is wrong. We don’t know what it is. Dan wouldn’t do this to me. He wouldn’t just leave and not tell me where he is.” 

“Anybody that knows Dan, that knows anything, anything that could be slightly related, call the police and let us know,” Doug Wise said.

Wise was most recently a Madison College student, enrolled last in the fall of 2011. He told his family he had been accepted as a transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, although the university said Thursday that it had no record of that. 

Wise is about 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 180 pounds. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a green, short-sleeve polo shirt, green baseball hat and khaki-colored shorts.

Investigators are asking anyone who was information about Wise to contact Madison police.